About Our Old Boat

Our old boat was a 1983 Catalina 30 (C30), in the rarer tall rig and shoal draft configuration.  The tall rig variation gives us some extra sail area over the standard C30, which is great for the light air often found during the summers on the Chesapeake.  The shoal draft variation reduces her draft to under 4.5′.  The Chesapeake is known for its abundance of “skinny” water, so having a shorter draft will allow us to explore further.  For auxiliary power, she’s fitted with a Universal M-25 diesel engine which produces 21HP.

We purchased this boat in December, 2016 and sold her in June 2019 when we moved to Germany.

Biege Catalina 30 sailboat in the water
Our old sailboat right before we bought her


Ballast (lead)4,650 lbs
Displacement10,650 lbs
Sail area (100% jib)505 sq. ft.
Specifications for our old Catalina 30