My 2020 Resolution

The previous year was a momentous one for Ellie and I. Not only did we move to a different country, but we also had our first child. Needless to say, 2019 was extremely busy for us! As we settle into the new year, I’ve decided what my 2020 resolution will be.

Instead of opting for one of the tried and true resolutions that everyone at one point in time proclaims then promptly forgets about, I wanted to try something a bit different this year. My 2020 resolution is simple: actually post content on this blog!

Ellie and I have already had many new adventures since we moved to Germany, but I’ve neglected to write about any of them. And we’ll surely have more this year with our son, Orion. I want to commit to writing about those adventures (past and future) so that we can share them with our friends, family, and you!

Cheers, and happy new year!

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash